Monday, March 26, 2012


It's the Luck of the Irish!  Our last day of spring break was spent in the lovely Dublin, Ireland

This trip was very short, but we got to see all the main things in Dublin.  We went to the Guinness Storehouse for the famous tour and got to see how a traditional Guinness beer is made.  Luckily for Mina and I our previous beer tour in Brussels had already taught us the process so we felt like pros knowing all the answers during the tour!

When you got the floor 4 out of 7 in the storehouse you had the chance to enter into the Guinness Academy to learn how to properly pour a Guinness.

After the tour we took a horse and carriage ride back into the main part of Dublin.  Our horse, Jack was so cute and we had a fun time strolling through the streets of Dublin!

We were shopping around when Mina and I spotted Dr. Fish Pedicures.  We checked it out and everything looked nice and sanitary so we went for it.  The best and most entertaining part of Dublin!  We laughed the entire 30 minutes.  Mina freaked out so bad in the beginning that she immediately latched on to this random little 8 year old Italian girl who was sitting with us.  I'm pretty sure Mina was freaking out way more than the little girl was.  See for yourself and check out the video!

That about sums up my spring break!  I left out a lot of details, but with the slow italian internet taking me hours to complete these blog posts I decided to only post the important stuff.  Next week My mom, Brad and Aunt Kel are coming to visit me!  I'm so excited to see everyone and get to spend time with them in my new home city, Florence. Until next time, Ciao! 

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  1. OMG I loved that fish pedicure video. I would be right there with Mina!!