Thursday, April 12, 2012

Buon Compleanno!

Unlike most 21st Birthdays celebrating back in the States, my 21st Birthday here in Florence consisted of a lovely birthday serenade by my wonderful girlfriends as well as 5 delightful days spent with my family.  

Here are a few pictures starting from my 16th birthday!

My Sweet 16 Birthday
17th Birthday Flower Cake
18th Flowers and Balloon
19th Celebration with Alpha Phi

20th Party at Mark and Kenny's
It's really an odd feeling to finally be 21 and it's an especially interesting celebrating it in a country where it's just another regular birthday.  I'm sure it will finally hit me once I'm back home.

I enjoyed my birthday here with friends in Florence on Tuesday was quite the wild experience, but luckily the night ended drama free and we had lots of laughs!  Let's just say myself and the Florentine group did our best to show the Italians how us Americans celebrate a 21st birthday.  Big thanks to Mina, Josie, Brit, Alyssa, Amy, Greg, Paul, and Stephen for celebrating with me!

Last week my family came to Florence.   Hanging with Mom, Brad, Aunt Kelly, Liz, and Doug was so much fun!  I truly enjoyed spending time with my family, especially the late night kabob run and cracking up in the hotel when my soda exploded on me. LOL

Missing my friends and family back home and can't wait to celebrate my first official night of being 21 when I get home!  28 days until we'll be back!

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