Monday, March 26, 2012


By Wednesday we were finally in London, the city I was the most excited for.

Luckily, Mina's sorority sister Emma is currently studying in London so she took us around the city, showing us the famous Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the Houses of Parliament.

Casually on the lookout for Prince Harry

We learned how to ride the Tube which was extremely easy and took you everywhere throughout the city!  
After doing the touristy sight seeing we tried out Indian Food for dinner.  It was pretty good!  The spices were very interesting and made the flavors pretty vibrant, but I still like Chinese and Thai food the best.  

On Thursday we went to the Victoria and Albert museum which had some really neat pieces of art and history.  My favorite section was the vintage musical performance section which showed old costumes from famous broadway productions and even had a little "try-on" section where we got to try on some costumes!  

The best part of being in London was seeing the incredible broadway show Les Miserables!  The show was by far my favorite thing about spring break.  The music was breathtaking and the cast was the best I've ever heard.  During the show the lady behind me was sobbing the entire time.  At first I found it to be a bit annoying, but soon joined her in the sob-fest.  I was literally tearing up during almost every scene. The music was that good.  If I recommend doing anything in London, it's seeing Les Mis!

More pictures via my facebook album!  

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