Monday, March 26, 2012


It's the Luck of the Irish!  Our last day of spring break was spent in the lovely Dublin, Ireland

This trip was very short, but we got to see all the main things in Dublin.  We went to the Guinness Storehouse for the famous tour and got to see how a traditional Guinness beer is made.  Luckily for Mina and I our previous beer tour in Brussels had already taught us the process so we felt like pros knowing all the answers during the tour!

When you got the floor 4 out of 7 in the storehouse you had the chance to enter into the Guinness Academy to learn how to properly pour a Guinness.

After the tour we took a horse and carriage ride back into the main part of Dublin.  Our horse, Jack was so cute and we had a fun time strolling through the streets of Dublin!

We were shopping around when Mina and I spotted Dr. Fish Pedicures.  We checked it out and everything looked nice and sanitary so we went for it.  The best and most entertaining part of Dublin!  We laughed the entire 30 minutes.  Mina freaked out so bad in the beginning that she immediately latched on to this random little 8 year old Italian girl who was sitting with us.  I'm pretty sure Mina was freaking out way more than the little girl was.  See for yourself and check out the video!

That about sums up my spring break!  I left out a lot of details, but with the slow italian internet taking me hours to complete these blog posts I decided to only post the important stuff.  Next week My mom, Brad and Aunt Kel are coming to visit me!  I'm so excited to see everyone and get to spend time with them in my new home city, Florence. Until next time, Ciao! 


By Wednesday we were finally in London, the city I was the most excited for.

Luckily, Mina's sorority sister Emma is currently studying in London so she took us around the city, showing us the famous Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the Houses of Parliament.

Casually on the lookout for Prince Harry

We learned how to ride the Tube which was extremely easy and took you everywhere throughout the city!  
After doing the touristy sight seeing we tried out Indian Food for dinner.  It was pretty good!  The spices were very interesting and made the flavors pretty vibrant, but I still like Chinese and Thai food the best.  

On Thursday we went to the Victoria and Albert museum which had some really neat pieces of art and history.  My favorite section was the vintage musical performance section which showed old costumes from famous broadway productions and even had a little "try-on" section where we got to try on some costumes!  

The best part of being in London was seeing the incredible broadway show Les Miserables!  The show was by far my favorite thing about spring break.  The music was breathtaking and the cast was the best I've ever heard.  During the show the lady behind me was sobbing the entire time.  At first I found it to be a bit annoying, but soon joined her in the sob-fest.  I was literally tearing up during almost every scene. The music was that good.  If I recommend doing anything in London, it's seeing Les Mis!

More pictures via my facebook album!  


The lovely Paris part of spring break started on Sunday.  After literally running to catch our flight, we finally made it.  We checked in to our hotel and were surprised to find an old vintage hotel with a tall spiral staircase and no elevator.  I lugged our 40lb bright pink luggage all the way up to the top, and opened the door to a tiny room the size of my freshmen dorm room, maybe even smaller.  At first we were a little shocked with how old and antiquated the place was, but the longer we stayed the more comfortable we got.  The location was absolutely perfect so we really couldn't complain.

We did so many things in Paris I'm not sure if I can remember them all!  We visited the Museum d'Orsay and the Louvre, the Versailles Palace, Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, and of course shopping on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.  

My favorite part of shopping was finding the Allison Boutique!  I was so happy to see a boutique sharing my name and they had a lot of cute clothes too.

The best memory of this trip will definitely be when Mina ordered the Beef Tartar for dinner.  When a slab of pure raw meat came out I nearly choked on the piece of bread I was currently chowing down on.  She claimed it tasted really good, but I just took her word for it.  From that moment on every time we ate I spotted people ordering the popular dish.  I think we can all admit that when the waiter set the plate down all 3 of us had shocking facial expressions!

Our last night in Paris we went on a dinner cruise on the river.  The boat cruised us along the river allowing us to spot famous sights such as the Eiffel Tower and the small Statute of Liberty which was given to the United States by the French.  It was a nice and relaxing dinner and we even made friends with the American family sitting next to us!  The older Dad from San Francisco was visiting his daughter who had married a French man and since moved to Paris.  Their family was funny and delightful to chat with. 

However, the best part of the cruise was watching a Korean Dad and his young daughter out on a little date.  It was the most precious thing to watch, and after the cruise ended Mina was able to speak to them in Korean and took their picture by the Eiffel Tower.  Too Cute!  

How precious is this??  Dad, I hope you're reading this...hint hint :) 
Check out the rest of my album below! Next up is London!


We started off our Spring Break in Berlin, Germany.  The only thing I could say in German was "Hallo" which simply means "hello."  Learning Italian is already challenging enough, my brain couldn't take trying to take on German too.  

Me, Mina, and Josie flew into Schoenfeld Airport Friday afternoon and our Berlin adventures then began!  We checked into St. Christopher's Hostel which was a really neat and clean hostel.  For those of you that don't know a hostel is sort of like a dorm style living place where bedrooms are normally bunk-bed style and then at the end of the hallway are communal bathrooms and showers.  It sounds worse than what it seems, but if you stay at a good hostel you'll find that for the cheap price it's definitely worth it.  

At St. Christophers we had the pleasure of having a 4th roommate because all rooms are mostly 4 person bunks and with their only being 3 of us we got stuck with a rando.  With this being my first experience in a hostel I immediately panicked when I opened the door to see long leather platform boots with laces the entire way up and fire dragon luggage.......  

Our 4th roomie ended up being a 27 year old tattoo artist from Brooklyn, New York.  She had been in Amsterdam for a tattoo convention, then decided to travel to Berlin on her own for a few days before heading back to the states.  She was quite the interesting character to say the least, but luckily she was nice and respectful with sharing the room.  You can best believe that I ran downstairs to purchase a lock for our locker immediately that way she couldn't steal anything from us.  Hey, you can never be too careful, especially when you're traveling abroad.  

We had a full day of sight seeing in Berlin.  We rented bikes and road to each sight seeing spot throughout the city.  I was nervous at first because I hadn't biked years, but the saying is true to it's meaning, "It's like riding a bike, you never forget!"  

Biking through Berlin was so much fun and such a wonderful way to tour the city!  The weather was fantastic which made for an even better time.  We biked to GoodTime, a Thai restaurant for lunch and had the best Thai food ever. 

We also visited the Holocaust Memorial and Museum as well as Checkpoint Charlie and a few historical buildings.  

Our dinners consisted of German and American food.  Josie's brother is fluent in German and has traveled to Berlin before so he gave us a great recommendation to Das Edelweiss.  Then the second night we went to this bar called White Trash which had pretty much all American food and live music.  It was a fun time and their homemade lemonade and smirnoff was tasty! 

On Sunday we headed to the train station bright and early to catch our flight to Paris.  Everything was fine until we missed the first train and realized the next one didn't come for another 45 minutes!  Panicking we caught the 2nd train and when we arrived at the airport stop we literally sprinted to the airport terminal.  Sprinting while dragging a 40lb heavy piece of luggage is quite the workout!  When we finally made it to our gate I was literally sweating.  It looked like I had just finished a kickboxing class!  We ended up making our flight with no other problems and I got to take a nice little nap on the plane :) 

Check out the link below to see all my pictures!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Hello Blogspot followers!

As most of you know, I spent the past week the 4 fabulous cities Berlin, Paris, London, and Dublin!  Since we got to experience so much in each city I'm going to make 4 separate posts each talking about them individually.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Mi Piacciono I Vini in Chianti!

This weekend our friend Stephen invited us out to a small town about 45 minutes outside of Florence for a wine tasting at La Poggerina Vineyard.  Stephen's landlord was such a doll and set up the entire trip for us! She told us exactly which train to get on and when we arrived she picked us up and drove us to the vineyard.

Our tour was very interesting especially since both the men talking to us couldn't speak english!  Luckily JoAnna was able to translate for us, but I found myself intently listening trying to comprehend at least the basics of what was being said.

The winery was originally a monastery years ago before being closed and then later restored.  We were guided by an older Italian man who we were told to call "Padre."  I'm not quite sure if he was a priest or not...I didn't know how to ask him in italian!

We got to see the oak barrels inside the winery and how they're kept for a certain amount of years depending on the type of wine.  Right now the vines are resting so this isn't the best time to see beautiful vines with grapes on them, however it was still neat to see what an actual vineyard looks like!

The best part of the day was mainly the weather!  The sun was shining and a slight breeze made our day delightful.  Of course we left carrying a famous Chianti Classico bottle of wine as well as a bottle of Olive Oil all made at the vineyard.

Days like these are one of the reasons I chose to study in Florence.  Great weather, good wine, and adventuring out with wonderful friends!

Yesterday marked exactly 2 months left until we come home!  It's still weird to me that I've been living in another country, away from home, for almost half a semester.  My time abroad will be the longest I've ever been away from home!

These next few days are going to be rough with midterms, but luckily Friday starts SPRING BREAK!  Mina, Josie, and I will be adventuring to the fabulous cities of Berlin, Paris, London, and Dublin!