Friday, January 27, 2012

Piazza del Mercato Centrale!

We moved into our apartment yesterday and the location couldn't be better!  We are in the Piazza del Mercato Centrale Apartments which are located in the central part of Florence, and right across the best food market in Florence!
All our luggage!  And we thought we packed light....

Common Room
Our little couches and storage closet
Our cute little kitchen!
Kitchen table and dyers in Italy! 
Our Room.
Bathroom.  Mina and I share this one, then our roomies have their own.


We moved into our apartment Wednesday, and yesterday we went on a "Survival Tour" through Florence.  We basically learned how to buy food at the market and other essential things for living in the city.  After we went to our school orientation.  It was of course a bit boring, and it didn't help that the seats were large comfy auditorium seats...needless to say we were all passed out sleeping during the orientation.  

After a long nap we went out with some of our friends to experience a bit more of the night life here.  Going out is different than at home, Italians don't really "pregame," and when they go out they aren't hammered like all the Americans here.  It's very obvious who the Americans are compared to the locals.

Directly below our apartment is a popular bar called The Fish Pub.  It's pretty cool inside, and we're thinking it will probably become a regular hangout for us.  It was half/half Americans and Italians there and they are always passing out flyers with different themed nights and drink deals.  Because of this place being so convenient for us I'm sure we'll be starting off many of our nights there this semester.

If you can believe it or not, Mina and I slept literally ALL day today (Friday).  We did absolutely nothing all day but sleep.  As bad as it sounds we really just needed a day to catch up on sleep and relax.  From the moment we got to Florence we've been on the go!  api has done a really good job keeping us busy and taking us on many tours, but it's been exhausting.

We had dinner with our roomies Gabby, Erika, and Brittany at ZaZa's which is right across the street from our apartment.  Delicious food and tasty wine!  As always, dessert was the best.

Brittany, Me, Mina, Gabby, and Erika

Brushetta and Prosciutto for our Appetizer with the house wine

My main course.  Beef with ZaZa secret sauce.

Tomorrow we have a cooking class in the morning and then more sight excited!!! Will post more pictures soon. Ciao!


  1. can any "study" be done in an environment like that? :). I'm so jealous!

  2. Loving the blog...keep the posts (and foody opics!) coming! Ciao!