Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting Settled In

These last few days have been great!  Lots of adjusting and getting situated, but it's getting better and better everyday!

Yesterday we started off with breakfast at the hotel and then off to orientation with our program, api.  

After we ventured out on our own for lunch and to do some sight seeing.  At first it was a bit uncomfortable trying to find our way around the city, as well as the adjustment period with getting to know the other api students.  We ended up going out to lunch with our new friends Paul and Greg and found this little place for lunch.  

Later in the afternoon we were taken on a private tour of the city.  Our tour guide was a really nice Italian lady who took us all around the city showing us a lot of the history and art.  We learned a lot about the Duomo and other historical buildings here in Florence.  I'm really interested in taking more in depth tours of the museums, the Gucci museum in particular.  

For Dinner we went to this trendy place called Moyo for Aperitivo.  It's similar to "happy hour" in the sense that drinks are priced a little lower than usual and then once you buy one drink you get to eat the buffet for free and go up as many times as you please.  It's mainly finger foods like sandwiches and other appetizer type things.  It was a fun atmosphere and we got to spend some time with Alyssa, another student from Virginia Tech, and her roommate Liz from Boston. 

We ended the night by going out to a Beatles cover band bar called BeBop and then to a more American Touristy hangout called the House of Sizzle and Red Garter bar.  It was fun, and we mostly just enjoyed people watching.  The best is watching the American boys go wild and crazy trying to hit on American girls.  The nightlife has been pretty fun so far, but I'm sure the longer we're here we'll be spending more time at Italian hangouts instead of the more touristy areas. 

Tomorrow we have our "Survival Tour" in the morning and then our orientation with the school in the afternoon.  Hope everyone at home is doing well and I miss you all!

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