Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend of Sight Seeing

This weekend we took advantage of the beautiful weather in Florence and did a few "touristy" things around the city.

To start the weekend off we had a cleaning lady come in our apartment to help us clean!  Can you believe cleaning services in Florence only charge 12 euro an hour!? Is that even minimum wage?  In the states we normally pay a cleaning company at least $100+ per cleaning session.  Needless to say, the apartment needed cleaning and we took advantage of the cheap service.

After the big cleaning/disinfecting morning we walked across the Arno River to the Piazza Michelangelo to catch the most beautiful view of Florence!

There is a 200 ft drop to the road right behind me...I was shaking while posing!
Beautiful View!
Missing our  VT Sororities back home! 

Hokie Girls
 ΑΔΠ Diamonds and  ΑΦ Ivy Leaf
We even got a little workout in climbing up the numerous steps to make it to the top of Michelangelo!
Preparing to run up the 100+ steps...getting our workout on!

Saturday we went to the Uffizi Museum and soaked up lots of Florentine culture through art pieces from the Renaissance period.  Fantastic museum and was full of tourists!  I've never seen so many Asian tourists in my life! Mina and I tried to tag along with some of their tour groups so we could hear the guide giving information about each art piece.  Hey, we're poor college students so bumming off a tour group is our style.

We're off to Rome next weekend so keep a look out for the Roma Blog Post! Ciao Tutti

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